“Is it possible to make ‘the big bucks’ and sleep at night at the same time?  This blog explores ethical and sustainable investment alternatives that are making competitive returns.”


Don’t worry!  We can still make some money while at the same time avoid selling your soul to the money gods.  It is often assumed that financially-motivated individuals are just out for the money.  I believe that there are many money managers and investors out there today who are concerned with more then just the bottom line.  Personally, I feel it is important to invest in ethical and sustainable ventures.  Does this mean I will have to sacrifice competitive returns on my capital?  No!  This blog explores creative and practical ways to make your money work, but not at the expense of others’ well-being.  Like all successful investment strategies, a healthy dose of due diligence is required, but it is well worth the price.  I look forward to exploring this worthy subject in more depth in the near future.  Thanks for reading.

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